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What Is Your Photography Style?

My photography style is eclectic ! I enjoy shooting nature, landscapes, candid photos, silhouettes, old buildings, antique architecture, etc…but am open to doing other things.

How Many Photos Do We Get?

The photos that you get are priced per piece. If you want multiples of one photo that will be taken into consideration, but pricing depends on the number of photos and my suppliers pricing to me. I always work with my clients to make sure that they are getting the best value for the work I do.

What Kind Of Equipment Do Your Use?

I use a variety of equipment when on a photoshoot. My go to camera is my Nikon, with a variety of lenses.

Will Our Photos Be Available To View Online?

I always allow my customers to review my photos digitally before purchasing.

When Did You Start In Photography?

I began doing photography as a hobby 7 years ago. I was shooting with an Iphone and started taking online courses about photography. I had a friend with a Nikon and she showed me her camera. I was hooked from there!

Do You Sell Prints?

I sell prints in most any size and medium, depending on the digital size of the image. I have done pieces as large as 60″x80″ on canvas….and have sent lots of clients prints that are 8×10’s for them to mat and frame as they wish. I also can do my work in acrylics and metal.

Are You Available To Do Work On Contract?

The answer to this would be, yes, I could be available for special projects with enough notice.

If My Art Is Shipped To Me And It Comes In Damaged From The Manufacturer, What Should I Do?

Take a picture of the box, and of the picture and send it to me, showing the damages. I will send it to my supplier and a replacement will be shipped to you free of charge.

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