Give Your Customers A Beautiful Coastal Scene From Lorna Littrell Photography

Shop for digital backdrops in Fort Myers Beach, FL, Henderson, KY & Evansville, IN

Looking to add some variety to the options you give your clients? You can buy digital backdrops from Lorna Littrell Photography that will help you create unique, beautiful images.

Lorna Littrell is a professional nature photographer in Fort Myers Beach, FL, Henderson, KY & Evansville, IN providing photos of everything from local wildlife to beaches, sunsets and historic sites. You can choose different backdrops to expand your collection or find a specific option that will please a customer with a specific vision in mind. Find out more by calling 270-860-2119 today.

How the process works

How the process works

At Lorna Littrell Photography, we make it as easy as possible to find beautiful backdrops. Shopping with us is simple:


  • First, simply choose which backdrops you want, from a single piece to an entire collection
  • Next, send us your information to place your order without hassle
  • Finally, you'll receive a digital copy of the backdrops you chose to use at your convenience




Want to request something specific? Contact our photographer today to discuss the digital backdrop you want.